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Indoor Watering Can

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hello, and welcome to George Riding Studio.

Here we work to a simple mission. Challenge the ordinary and familiar in order to create special objects that deepen our relationship with the everyday by appealing to our visceral and behavioural desires. Creating a world that is more beautiful to wake up to and more enjoyable to experience. 

In a congested busy world, we believe the things that we surround ourselves with should combine simple clean aesthetics with clever functionality.

Latest Work


Array Candle holders

Available in three heights, Array is a series of brass candle holders designed to be just as beautiful individually as they are when placed in clusters. This could be in a series across the length of the shelf, the centrepiece of a table or the corner of the bedside table. 


salt and pepper mills 

These beautiful items have been able to implement contemporary clean aesthetics to one of the most staple accessories of the 21st Century kitchen. The primary feature of the Mills is a ribbed body bringing a sense of intuitiveness and honesty to the object by subtly hinting its function.


Rift barstool

With a seat height of 780mm, this stool has been designed to create a simple yet elegant piece of furniture which is able to effortlessly take to a variety of social environments. The key aesthetic features come from the beautiful contrast created from using two different forms of steel extrusions. 


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