George Riding Studio
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George Riding Studio 

Based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, George Riding founded his Industrial Design Studio in 2016 following his graduation from Northumbria University with Bachelor of Arts honours in Three Dimensional: Product and Furniture. 


creating whole experiences

During his time studying George became intrigued by the psychological and emotional aspects of design. As designers it is our duty to design objects that effortlessly take to the everyday life of the user. Objects can only achieve this if they are able to create whole positive experience for the user on multiple levels. From aesthetics on a visceral level to functionality on a behavioural. This is achieved by his attention to detail and commitment for perfection. 


Minimal clean aesthetics

The world we live in is constantly becoming ever more populated and congested. Because of this it is George's belief that the objects we surround ourselves with should be designed with the most elegant and clean aesthetics. 






"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo Da Vinci


Beauty can not exist without function

Due to our interaction with objects being a multi-layered experience, beauty cannot exist through visceral aesthetics alone. It is George's belief that beauty can only exist where intuitive functionality and clean aesthetics are in harmony. In order to achieve this, it is important to explore every possible solution and outcome through a precise design process.