Indoor Watering Can

Indoor Watering Can

This Indoor Watering Can is a perfect example of achieving the right balance between a person’s visceral and behavioural desires. The Watering Can possesses numerous features that enable it to become your perfect companion when looking after you household plants. 

The first is the tall main body which is able to hold up to a 1L of water, resulting in less filling and more watering. The elongated elegant body is accompanied by a long spout and handle, which combined provide more accuracy and less mess. The space at the base of the spout allows for a constant and manageable flow of water, with out the risk of a blockage. At the top of the body, filling is also made easier the addition of an plate placed on the inside of the body at an angle. This helps direct water in the body, whilst also giving the user a reference mark of when the Watering Can is full. 

The luxurious aesthetics of the Watering Can mean that when it isn’t being used as a functional tool it can be left to become the sculptural piece of a room, with its ability to spark conversations with both guests and loved ones. 

Material: Nickel plated brass.

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