Bainne, everyday object meets new manufacturing technology.

Year: 2018

Client: Hool

Material: 3D Printed Ceramics

Bainne, the Irish Gaelic word for milk, is the result of a collaboration with modern luxury homeware brand Hool. The jug is first crafted using 3D clay printers before being traditionally fired in the kiln and glazed by hand. The aim of the project was to create a form that on first glance seemed traditional and familiar, however upon closer inspection it becomes apparent it could only be achieved through the 3D Printing process. Many objects that are designed to utilise 3D Printing are often visually overwhelming, in order to ‘show off’ the process.

The main aesthetic detail comes from the negative vertical space found between the top and spout of the jug, and is inspired by the natural vertical drop of ledge waterfalls. The Jug also features an Oval shaped body which fits perfectly into the palm of the user, aiding functionality.