Rift Barstool


Rift Barstool 

Material: steel 

Dimensions: h 780mm x w 490mm x d 420mm 

With a seat height of 780mm, this stool has been designed to create a simple yet elegant piece of furniture which effortlessly takes to a variety of social environments. 

The key aesthetic features come from the beautiful contrast created from using two different forms of steel extrusions. The flat sided oval tubing brings a sense of stability and assurance, whilst the familiar round tubing of the legs contributes to the elegant and petite aesthetic. The resulting form features a softness not usually associated with the material and instead compliments that seen in carpentry. The petite mild steel frame can be powder coated in a variety of colours, from an under stated and classy black, to a calm and confident powder blue which will subtly increases the charm of the piece.

The seat of the stool is composed of ash which features a split detail in the middle to accommodate a handle which allows easy movement of the stool. The two halves of the seat are attached by being placed onto circular plates found at the top of the frame. George is looking to use the Rift Barstool as a platform in order to expand the form into a collection featuring other types of furniture. 

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